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ARC-AiDE is the mobile device portal into E.M.A. Computer Solutions popular range of Bodyshop and Business Manager application packages.Bodyshop control from the palm of your hand, with many useful functions designed to make you mobile in the business.
Productive Control:Clock productives on and off jobs, assign jobs to a productive and create supplementary requests. Clock on site or job, view the status of all users at-a-glance including which productives are running low on time on their assigned job stage, productives on holiday or absent and productives who are on site but have no revenue work. View repair methods related to the job the productive is clocked on to.
Workshop Control:View and change the job stage information, customer and vehicle details, add reminders, request due out date changes, add images and comments, view parts and supplementary request status. Set jobs as ready and valeted.
Vehicle Collection/Delivery:Paperless signature device, collection and delivery of customer vehicles and courtesy cars. Assign collection/delivery jobs via the diary, each driver collects their list of jobs to complete on the app by syncing the collection/delivery list whilst on site, and can complete the documentation at destination. Courtesy Car documentation can be sent direct from the device to the customers email address. Add Damage Diagrams, notes and photos and upload these via wireless sync when the driver returns to the bodyshop. Call the customer direct from the app or view the collection location on a map.
Reminders:Manage your reminders while on-site. Push notifications while you are logged in will alert you to any new reminders sent to you. Action, reply to and create reminders.
QuickPicThe easy way to get images from the workshop to the job. Simply select the job from a list and take as many pictures as you like.
Supports:Android 3.1 or above.
Requires E.M.A. Computer Solutions Business Manager or Bodyshop Manager server version 6.15c or later.Requires Adobe Reader to view images and documents.